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Westcoast Contortion & Acrobatics is a professional performance troupe based out of Vancouver, B.C. Canada. WCA is fully involved in the Movie (Stunt/Feature), Commercial and Ad Industry. We specialize in unique customizable shows offering one of a kind live entertainment featuring contortion, dance, acrobatics and aerial silks. Through the use of original music, visuals and costumes, we cater to every aspect of your entertainment needs. From a single performer to full scaled productions inclusive of live singing, instruments, and choreographed themes, we can create a show that will leave you bending over backwards for more.


On “SET” Requirements:

We require a Greenroom to dress, change, warm up & rest between sets. Supplied with water & access to a bathroom.

Normal show time would be 3 hrs on “SET” (1 hr prior to performance with up to 2hr slated for performances)… if over 3 hrs on “SET” food is required from client.


Liability & Performer Insurance:

We carry $5 million in liability insurance with Lloyds on London. On every show we have insurance written up including my Company, my Rigger, the Venue, & our Promoter or Client.


Aerial Rigging Requirements:

All Aerial Acts; are 6 to 7 min. Acts

• Our riggers needs to view each venue that we rig in. They charge $50.00 To do so weather a show goes through or not. We have rigged at most all major venues & banquet halls so for those venues riggers have them on file & a sight viewing would not be required.

• We can rig an aerial hoop as low as 13 feet and an aerial silk as low as 15 feet (we do not perform many drops at this low a height)

• We require a structural beam, trussing or secured eye bolt to rig from.

• We require a 6 ft circumference of cleared area where our aerialist will perform. If this is a standing audience then stanchions would be required.



We have different sizes of Acrobatic Tables that we perform on;

• Our main table is a 4 by 6 foot by 2 foot high -plexi glass & medal acrobatic table.

• Our Spool table is a round table measuring a circumference of 4 feet

• Our Black Hexagon tables come in 3 different sizes

Large measures:

Medium measures:

Small measures:


Stage Size:

Ambient Performances- 7 by 7 ft area

Stage Performances – 12 by 12 ft area

(depending on different act we could get away with a 10 by 10 ft stage)



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